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Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Kav C 15-16 Jakarta Selatan 12940

Phone : (62-21) 2550 5555

Fax : (62-21) 2550 5467

Email : public-affairs-jakt@dfat.gov.au


  1. Photocopy of KTP and card family .
  2. Photocopy book 3 month savings final with minimum balance Rp . 50 Million ( for 3 months successively ).
  3. Certificate _ employer /sponsor company For employee .
    • If Manager, Director , Commissioner positions attach company NPWP & SIUP.
    • If own business Alone sponsor letter made on paper white and stamped _ as well as attach NPWP & SIUP.
    • If sponsored by family ( children / husband / parents ) please attach explanatory document _ relationship , example certificate birth / card family / deed marry etc. _
    • If retired status so give letter information made _ And marked hand alone .
  4. If invited by family or friends who are in Australia please attach photocopy of passport and visa of the invitee or inviter’s ID card ( if permanent residence applicant in Australia or inhabitant Australia ) along with the Invitation letter and proof relationship ( deed born If family , photo If connection with inviter is friend ).
  5. For 75 years old to the top required :
    • Insurance travel ( visa will given in accordance with insurance such ).
    • Certificate _ from appointed doctor _ by party embassy ( result inspection will shipped by doctor And showed to embassies ) and the applicant concerned give proof payment from results inspection the . For medical check-ups must bring letter introduction from Australian embassy .
  6. If child follow traveling And Still school , then attach :
    • Photocopy card student
    • Certificate _ school original
    • Photocopy certificate birth
  7. Make Appointment Schedule (Australian Visa Appointment)


  1. Download Form 1419 ( for tourists )
  2. Download Form 1400 ( for Pastor , Assistant , Public Speaker , Tour Leader , a business that produces money )
  3. Download Form 1415 (Business Meeting, Meeting Participants )
  4. Download form 1229 ( Form Addition For child under 18 years )


If applicant to deep Australia framework business just However after party the Australian embassy did check And apparently in Australia the applicant do earning business _ money , then applicant must do withdrawal repeat And replace the correct form And do payment Again like apply for a new visa back

Tourist / Business Normal Online Visa Form

Business Work (Public Speakers) Online Visa Form

Transit Online Visa Form


  • Fill in Form :
    • Visa Application Form series 1419
      Form application specialized For submission Australian Tourist Visa
      application .
    • Visa Application Form series 1415
      Form Application specialized For submission Australian Business Visa
      application ( for applicants visiting Australia in _ framework business
      And No produce money , like only meeting requirements ).
    • Visa Application Form series 1400
      Form Application specialized For submission Companion Australian Visa
      application Business ( For husband or wife or traveling child _ in frame
      tourist however accompany member leaving family _ in a manner together in
      framework business And For traveling applicant _ to deep Australia
      framework business but produce Money such as public speakers, applicants
      who follow competitions / tournaments , tour leaders, and job status his
      is pastor ).
  • Passport still _ valid for at least 6 months .
  • Photocopy passport attach all page front And page behind as well
    as all existing page _ stamp And the visa .
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  • Price On Can Changed Anytime Without Announcement
  • Price On Not yet Including 1.1% VAT
  • Prices as of January 22 , 2022
  • Jendelatours No responsible answer on visa refusal or lateness where
    is the visa granted ? provision gift the become authority Embassy Big

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