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Chinese Visa Requirements as of March 15 , 2023

– The passport is still there valid for at least 6 months

– 2 ( two ) passport photos colored background behind white size 3 .3 x 4.8 zoom 75% ( photo No can use dress colored white , accessories Glasses , earrings and Necklace .

– Copy of KTP and Card Family

– Filling China Visa Itinerary Form ( Itinerary Form )

– Copy of Deed Born Child must attached ( for parents who bring _ child follow traveling to China)

Condition for Regular & Fast Process

– Print reservation ticket

– Confirm Name And hotel address , number hotel phone , name visa applicant during stay there _

– Information journey in detail

Addition Double Entry Visa Requirements to China

– The visa applicant must Already have a China Visa at least once

– Attach confirmation related ticket _ with objective And date departure next in fulfil application for the Double Visa

– The original Hotel Confirmation with information complete like Name And hotel address , number hotel phone , Name Chinese Visa applicants

Addition Condition for the Business Visa Process

– Invitation Letter from Companies in China Company sponsorship letter


– For people on their KTP Work as Required religious leaders attach letter statement No do activity religion in China

– For people on their KTP Work as Reporter must attach letter statement No will do activity coverage / journalists while in China

– For people on their KTP different Name or date born with Data in Passport so must attach letter statement information from The village is the point that relevant name _ is Name and people who same , if different date born so true information _ is in accordance with Data in Passport No on KTP

– Single Entry : Validity period Passport min. 7 months since date Departure Applicant

– Double Entry : Validity period Passport min. 1 year since date departure Applicant

– When There is error in election location moment apply for a visa online, then application that has been made No can be processed and must submit repeat in accordance with selected location

Complete ( Form Online Visa Application ).

– Step by step method fill in Online form in Jakarta

– Open these links For fill in online form

– After fill in form , you can make timetable promise meeting with link This

– Please come maximum 10 minutes more beginning from time appointment

steps online filling from in Surabaya

Please select Asia – Asia – Indonesia (Medan / Jakarta / Surabaya / Bali) and will directed to these links

After fill in form , you can make timetablepromisemeetingwithlinkThis

Please come maximum 10 minutes more beginning from time promise .

– Visa prices above Not yet including 1.1 % VAT

– Regular Service : 6 Working Days (Normal Process)

– Express Level 1 : 5 Working Days ( Flash Process )

– Express Level 2 : 4 Working Days (Super Lightning Process )

– Supporting Documents and The Approval from Consular Officers of the Embassy of China are requested to Express Services

– Moment This only Can Process Tourist Visa , Business Visa , Visit Visa Family

– For Individual Application Appointment required

– For Min application 10 Passport No Appointment required


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