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Jl. Mega Kuningan No. 2, South Jakarta 12950, インドネシア

Q : (62-21)576-1039

F : (62-21)576-1034

Chinese Visa Requirements as of March 15 , 2023

The passport is still there valid for at least 6 月

– 2 ( two ) passport photos colored background behind white size 3 .3 バツ 4.8 zoom 75% ( photo No can use dress colored white , accessories Glasses , earrings and Necklace .

Copy of KTP and Card Family

Filling China Visa Itinerary Form ( Itinerary Form )

Copy of Deed Born Child must attached ( for parents who bring _ child follow traveling to China)

Condition for Regular & Fast Process

Print reservation ticket

Confirm Name And hotel address , number hotel phone , name visa applicant during stay there _

Information journey in detail

Addition Double Entry Visa Requirements to China

The visa applicant must Already have a China Visa at least once

Attach confirmation related ticket _ with objective And date departure next in fulfil application for the Double Visa

The original Hotel Confirmation with information complete like Name And hotel address , number hotel phone , Name Chinese Visa applicants

Addition Condition for the Business Visa Process

Invitation Letter from Companies in China Company sponsorship letter


For people on their KTP Work as Required religious leaders attach letter statement No do activity religion in China

For people on their KTP Work as Reporter must attach letter statement No will do activity coverage / journalists while in China

For people on their KTP different Name or date born with Data in Passport so must attach letter statement information from The village is the point that relevant name _ is Name and people who same , if different date born so true information _ is in accordance with Data in Passport No on KTP

Single Entry : Validity period Passport min. 7 months since date Departure Applicant

Double Entry : Validity period Passport min. 1 year since date departure Applicant

When There is error in election location moment apply for a visa online, then application that has been made No can be processed and must submit repeat in accordance with selected location

Complete ( Form Online Visa Application ).

Step by step method fill in Online form in Jakarta

Open these linksForfill inonline form

After fill in form , you can make timetable promise meeting with link This

Please come maximum 10 minutes more beginning from time appointment

steps online filling from in Surabaya

You can access from linkThisForstartfill inonline form

Please select AsiaAsia – Indonesia (Medan / ジャカルタ / スラバヤ / Bali) and will directed to these links

After fill in form , you can make timetablepromisemeetinglinkThis

Please come maximum 10 minutes more beginning from time promise .

Visa prices above Not yet including 1.1 % VAT

Regular Service : 6 Working Days (Normal Process)

Express Level 1 : 5 Working Days ( Flash Process )

Express Level 2 : 4 Working Days (Super Lightning Process )

Supporting Documents and The Approval from Consular Officers of the Embassy of China are requested to Express Services

Moment This only Can Process Tourist Visa , Business Visa , Visit Visa Family

For Individual Application Appointment required

For Min application 10 Passport No Appointment required

Jl Radio ダラム・ラヤの場所. 7B
Ahmad Yaniアハマド・ヤニ
11:27 09 9月 23
友達とタイ旅行にツアー窓口を利用して満足 ,また、ツアーガイドのAweeさんもとても印象的で楽しかったです ツアー窓口の皆様、タイのAweeさん、ありがとうございました
Maria ErikaMaria Erika
08:48 07 8月 23
非常に役立ちます :)
サービスとサポートは並外れたもので、観光スポットの選択と場所も同様です。, とてもかっこいい...👍👍
彼のTLマスオビはとても良いです , sabar & profesional . 同行したデウィさんも同様で、窓ツアーには満足しており、窓ツアーのさらなる成功を期待しています。
Santi Palupiサンティ・パルピ
15:28 11 4月 23
Saya selama.ini kalau pergi atau pesan tiket selalu di Jendela Tours & travel. サービスは速く、スタッフはフレンドリーです- ラマ. ウィンドウツアーチームに感謝します.
Lakeisha Sラケイシャ S
08:22 11 4月 23
Yg paling mengesankan dari Jendela T&T, サービスがある WhatsApp HotLine サービス, 24 混雑する / 7 日, 急に飛行機のチケットやホテルが必要になったとき, または海外で緊急事態が発生し、フライトスケジュールの変更が必要な場合, WAホットライン窓口は営業時間外でも対応可能. これはとてもとても助かります, 窓口スタッフと直接つながることができます, システムに接続するだけではなく / robot yg ending nya tdk bisa memberikan solusi..Keep up the excellent services Jendela T&T !!
ウィンドウツアーをよく通ります, チケットとツアーのみを販売していると思います, ウムラのパッケージも販売しているようです.... ウムラのパッケージを本当に探していたとき, 私はすぐに登録しました。umroh サービスが獲得できたことを神に感謝します. おすすめのバンゲットデ

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