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T : (62-21) 31937445 ext 430
F : (62-21) 337422
E : ambasciata.jakarta@esteri.it , visa.jakarta@esteri.it
Website : http://www.vfsglobal.com/italy/indonesia/, http://www.ambjakarta.esteri.it/Ambasciata_Jakarta

Requirements :

  1. Masa berlaku paspor minimum 6 bulan dari perkiraan tanggal kedatangan
  2. Foto Terbaru dengan 3,5 X 4,5 ukuran = 2 sheet, dengan latar belakang putih, with good quality and clear proportional face when zoomed 70%. Both ear must be shown at photo.
  3. Surat sponsor dalam bahasa Inggris dari perusahaan tempat pelamar bekerja. If there is more person/family joining the trip then you can add his/her name and status on the letter.
    • Fotokopi SIUP (Pemilik) and in English and NPWP must be added if the applicant are General Manager, Direktur, Direktur Utama atau Komisaris
    • If the applicant is business owner and not having official letterhead then applicant can write the letter on paper in English with company’s stamp and also attach copy of NPWP and SIUP(Pemilik) dalam bahasa Inggris
    • Jika pemohon mendapatkan sponsor dari anaknya, he can attach copy of his child birth certificate. Ini dapat membuktikan aplikasi hubungan dengan anak. → Dalam bahasa Inggris
    • Jika pemohon mendapatkan sponsor dari mertua, he can attach copy of his child married certificate and birth certificate to prove his relationship → In English.
    • Jika pelamar pensiun, the letter can be written on paper In English and signed
  4. Fotokopi SIUP
  5. Copy of Last 3 Months of applicant’s bank statements ( with clear name and account number, until last transactions) minimum IDR. 50 Millions/ person.
  6. Original letter of reference from the bank in English. If the bank statements published by BCA and then the letter of reference must come from BCA too. The content of letter must mention applicant’s name, account number, total and start of beginning of transactions. ( Address to Schengen Countries)
  7. Copy of Credit Card (Kartu Kredit)
  8. Salinan Kartu Keluarga ( Kartu Keluarga)
  9. Jika nama paspor berbeda dengan data pemohon, the applicant can attach copy of Certificate of Change of Name (Surat Perubahan Nama) Dalam → Bahasa Inggris
  10. Copy of Marriage Certification (Akte Nikah)
  11. If applicant is a child joining the trip and still actively school, then you can attach:
    • Salinan Kartu Pelajar (Kartu Pelajar)
    • School letter of Confirmation (Surat Keterangan Sekolah Asli) dalam bahasa Inggris
    • Salinan Akte Kelahiran (Akte Kelahiran) Dalam bahasa Inggris
  12. Cetak Reservasi Tiket
  13. Hotel Confirmation during trip in Europe
  14. Traveling Insurance that valid for the duration of stay in Europe and a guarantee money (uang pertanggungan) USD 50.000 atau EURO 30.000
  15. If applicant’s child lives in Italy, lampirkan salinan paspor, Visa, akte kelahiran dan surat undangan dalam bahasa Inggris
  16. Form is fiiled and signed by applicant. For children who doesn’t have Resident Identity Card, form is signed by his/her parents
  17. Applicant must make an Appointment for interview date
  18. The applicants must come to do Biometric ( All Age) even they already did fingerprint scan / VIS. Untuk Anak-anak di bawah 12 tahun, no need to come to do fingerprint scan. Meanwhile Children over 12 years old must come to do Biometric with his / her parents.

Additional Conditions for Business VISA:

  1. Attach Visura Camerale from company invitees ( Italian SIUP)
  2. Copy of Passport and Resident Identity Card (DLL) from inviter


  1. Bring original and copy of the saving book when do biometric
  2. Visa can be made when all documents are completely received by Embassy not travel agent. Travel agent process the documents only on Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. For Foreign passport can’t be processed in Indonesia but can be processed at issued country.
  4. For Business visa required invitation with official letterhead from Italian Company / DIVIRSO CAMERA and SIUP from Italy
  5. Tidak ada refund jika ada pembatalan dari pemohon atau ditolak oleh kedutaan.
  6. The succeed of visa granted is authority from Embassy.
  7. Visa prices and terms can change anytime without prior notice following Embassy regulations
  8. If children join the trip under 18 years old but the parents are not going, the parents need to come to Embassy.
  9. Information about Passport number need to be attached on sponsorship letters.
  10. Information about work permit (Active Employment Certificate, Job Title /Position, Entry Date ) can be put on sponsorship letter or separate
  11. Bank reference must input bank number account either in Rupiah or USD and must be legalized by bank with stamp.

Kontak Kami

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