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Jl. M.H Thamrin 24 – Jakarta 10350

Phone : (62-21) 31924308

Fax: (62-21) 3157156

Website : http://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp


  1. A passport with a validity period of more than 6 months from the arrival and old passport.
  2. Newest
    photo with a white background, size 4,5 x 3,5 = 2 sheets, photos
    must be printed on photo paper with good quality and clear
  3. Company sponsorship letter in English.
  4. Financial proof of the last 3 months with a minimum balance of Rp. 30 Million/person.
  5. If the name in the passport is different please attach a photocopy of the change name letter.
  6. If traveling with wife, attach a copy of marriage certificate.
  7. Photocopy of family card.
  8. Copy of KTP.
  9. Photocopy of birth certificate if the child travels
  10. Print out ticket reservation.
  11. Hotel Confirmation.
  12. Details of the itinerary to be visited while in Japan
  13. An Appointment Schedule is required to submit Document Files.

Business Visa :

– Letter of invitation from the Inviting Company

– Guarantee Letter from Inviting Company

– Company Profile of Inviting Company

Visit Family Visa:

– Invitation letter from the inviter – F.copy of the inviter’s passport and visa
– Proof of relationship with the inviter

– Copy of Inviter’s Resident ID

– Guarantee Letter from the Inviter

Student Visas :

– Letter of acceptance from the school/university

Requirements for a Japanese Visa Waiver :

– Original E-Passport
– Copy of KTP
– Fill out the Japanese Visa Waiver Form and ERFS is no longer needed

Notes :

– Valid Wiaver & Multiple Visas can be used immediately

Prices do not include:

– 1.1% VAT

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